Speaking of things that DO NOT help with writing: television.

I know, I know, I’m sure that you do not want to hear me nag you about the evils of television. I know I watch too much television, but it’s a vicious cycle: in the evenings, after either a full day at work or a full day of writing, I’m weary. And I have the type of brain that’s always darting around and thinking and analyzing (not always in a productive, useful or healthy way) and good grief is it tiring. So I like a little break. Watching television does often calm those voices, but I’ll tell you what else it does: I think it shuts off part of my brain, entirely. When I was a little kid my mother accused me of turning zombie-eyed in front of the television, and I think that still happens.

When I have a day to write, I do whatever I can to avoid turning on the television. The fact that we don’t have cable and only get about eight channels helps a great deal. While part of me would LOVE to have Animal Planet, I can’t imagine how much time I would spend watching Growing Up Leopard (don’t laugh at me). Television can be entertaining and have educational value, but it can still be a very time consuming distraction. If you’re trying to write, beware.

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  1. For me, TV is an excellent source of inspiration(especially the commercials). You should try music; it helps a lot with inspirations too. Of course, you need to find the right type of music for whatever you are writing about at the moment(unless if you are like me and can relate one thing to just about everthing else out there).

    Good luck 🙂

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