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I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this yet, but I LOVE the book jacket for my new book. Unfortunately I can’t share it with you just yet because it’s still in draft stages, so I don’t want to seem like I’m teasing you…but yeah, it’s pretty kick ass.

Ever since I went through the whole jacket-process with my first book, I’ve paid more attention to what types of covers catch my eye in the bookstore. I find that I’m drawn to things with red, black, shadowy, mysterious images. The cover for the book The Black Tattoo is a great example of a cover I really like, and it compelled me to read the book (which was great fun, by the way). I also liked Wildwood Dancing (both the cover and the book) which was a very detailed fairy-tale type of painting. I generally prefer covers that don’t show the entire face of the character, I feel like it gives away too much and doesn’t leave it up to the reader’s imagination. Also, it’s unnerving when the cover doesn’t match the description in the book.

As for my own books, I’ve learned that the cover is determined by sales and marketing, so the author–at least in my case–doesn’t have too much to do with it. This is probably just as things should be, since I don’t know the art and science of how to get a book to sell. But I know a good cover when I see it. I’ll be sure to post mine here as soon as it’s done!

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  1. […] tapblog5nHI also liked Wildwood Dancing (both the equilibrate and the book) which was a noise certain fairy-tale refer of painting. I mostly tendency covers that don’t show the full grappling of the character, I wager aforementioned it gives abstracted likewise much and … […]

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