I have cleaned my house. I have fed the dog. I have folded clothes. I have eaten breakfast, and then second-breakfast.

What else can I do to avoid starting my revision?

Revising is scary for me at any stage of a book – there’s always that fear that I’ll muck it up, that I’ll make it worse than it was before. At this point, with my second book, the revision stage isn’t as messy or involved as it was during the last round, but it still scares me. It’s all so FINAL, and I’ve been writing such messy first drafts for so many months that it makes me worry: can I write anything good and clean and polished? Plus, I haven’t read the book since Christmas, so I’m worried that I won’t like it.

But I know I have to start.

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  1. I know that feeling – whenever there is something I don’t want to do I always end up cleaning the house, rearranging bookshelves, cooking and whatever other random things I can think of to avoid whatever it is. “It” in this case usually being my homework.

    Good Luck with the revising!
    Really looking forward to this book’s release.


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