that person on the bus

I generally avoid being a blubbering lunatic on the bus, or any other kind of public transportation, for that matter. But I recently read To Kill a Mockingbird and, unfortunately, finished reading during my commute into Boston. It was embarassing. I didn’t have proper tissues, but I just couldn’t stop myself. And I can’t cry in a dignified, delicate way. I think the woman sitting next to me noticed; she sort of gestured in my general direction to the guy she was talking to. So I was “that person” on the bus who was sort of losing it. There always has to be one.

But it was worth it. If you’ve read that book, you know what I mean. We watched the movie last night – not as good (but I generally like books better) but it brought the book back to me and, well…yeah, I was blubbering. It was pretty ridiculous. And I really don’t like sad movies – I often feel like I’m being emotionally manipulated, and I hate having my heart warmed, I truly do. But when it’s GOOD, that’s a totally different story.

But back to the book: This is all a part of my latest campaign to read books that I feel guilty for not having read. I probably shouldn’t admit this, but I slacked off sometimes in high school. As soon as a book was ASSIGNED, I lost interest (unless the book was 1984 by George Orwell, which was just so amazing that I read it anyway). So I’ve finally read Harper Lee’s masterpiece. I’ve also read The Great Gatsby, which I really enjoyed (that Daisy Buchanan is frightening to me). I also want to read more of Vladimir Nabokov’s books, because his Lolita is one of my top five favorites and I feel guilty that it’s the only book of his that I’ve read. I also want to read more Robert Cormier, because he’s fantastic (Fade is one of my favorites) and I learn a lot from reading his books.

The list itself is ever-changing. But if you have any thoughts about books that I MUST read, let me know.

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