long time, no blog

I’ve been otherwise distracted so I haven’t posted a message in a while. To recap: I completed my revision of The King’s Rose, which is scheduled to be published in Spring 2009 (scroll down to previous blurb for more details). I will see the book again as it moves through the copyediting and proofreading stages, but the main part of the writing and big revising is, I think, done. It’s really hard to believe.

My other excuse for not having written is that I’ve been having problems with my computer and my internet connection. Unfortunately this occured while I was working on the aforementioned revision. I spent many an hour on the phone with HP tech support and Verizon tech support, when really I wanted to be sitting and working on my book. Luckily I’m online right now, but I can’t say anything else for fear of jinxing myself.

In other news, it’s really feeling like Spring now that the kittens are blooming in our backyard. Yes, you read that right–kittens! They seem to spontaneously generate out of our woodpile. The four we had last summer (who we managed to trap and put up for adoption with the help of our local rescue league) have been replaced by a brand new family with a sleek black Mama cat and four fluffy little critters. They were having a kitten party today, frolicking and doing what kitties do best. It was most distracting.

One last random note: an author friend of mine was nice enough to remind me that today is the anniversary of Anne Boleyn’s execution. There will certainly be roses delivered to the Tower of London today, in honor of Queen Anne.

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