I don’t know if it’s the kittens in the backyard, but I’ve been feeling pretty distracted lately. I haven’t been able to focus on anything – even what I’m reading, and usually I can get lost in a book no matter what (I’ve missed my stop on the train this way). I’ll let you know when I land on a book that really does the trick and perks my full interest.

I was going through some old files and found a poem that I wrote in high school about Snow White – its very focused on the character of the wicked queen and is clearly a precurser to The Blood Confession. It’s also highly embarassing, so I’ll only share with you the last little tidbit here:

“Now, dear children, its time for you to sleep,/so rest your tired heads and calm your breath/and close your weary eyes to dreams which keep/in a fairy-world where beauty can mean death…”

I remember reading this poem in front of the class. I was the weird, shy poet girl. Every class has at least one, right? In other news, I’m planning on having some t-shirts printed for my book and I’m holding a raffle on myspace.com to gauge interest – so if any of you have myspace accounts, please send me a message and you may win a shirt!

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