I’m in the process of creating blog pages of my travel journal (complete with photos) of my voyage to England last year to research The King’s Rose. My website will also be updated with more information about the new book – I’ll be certain to post an alert here as soon as it’s ready.

I’m at the mercy of more technologically adept people to help me with website updates and whatnot. It makes me wish that I did understand this stuff…but considering the challenges I faced just in creating the blog pages for my travel journal, I think that technology just isn’t my bag.

On a completely unrelated note, I don’t know if anyone who reads this blog happens to commute into the city via South Station as I do. If yes, please do yourself a favor and take a moment to enjoy the art on display – a series of paintings done by elementary school children in China. There was one particular painting that caught my eye: a soft gray valley with sharp black trees. It reminded me of how overwhelmed I can feel in the face of natural beauty, wanting to recreate it in art, to pay homage to it and revere it, and yet simultaneously realizing the inadequacy of my words. Then I noticed the age of the artist of this painting: nine years old. I wonder how he would feel, knowing that his painting nearly moved me to tears.

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