It’s a good thing to face your fears, now and then. Not every day, because that would create a very tense and anxious existence. But occassionally it can be a good thing.

So, I don’t necessarily have a fear of flying. I have a nervousness about flying. A general anxiety. This is mildly vexing since I love to travel, but luckily it hasn’t stopped me from visiting The Netherlands, Scotland, England, and even a few places in this country. However, I’ve never taken a flight without someone that I know and love sitting beside me; a person who, more importantly, loves me and is patient with my jittery nervousness.

But at the end of this month I’m finally taking a flight out to LA to visit my friend – we’re going to attend the annual SCBWI conference together, which is something else I’ve wanted to do for a while. Now I realize this won’t literally be a flight alone – I won’t be the only person on the plane – but I won’t know the person sitting next to me and I doubt they will be very interested in soothing my fears.

I’m thinking the key to settling myself down is a good, really engaging and somewhat cheesey novel, and hopefully some good movies. And maybe a glass of wine, if they’re offering. If you have any other suggestions, please let me know.

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