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I had my first television interview on Friday – Book Lovers TV, a local cable access television show in Easton, Massachusetts, had me on as a guest. It was actually a really good experience. I say “actually” because I’m the type of person who accepts such proposals with glee – “wow! an interview! what fun!” – only to be struck with intense nervousness once the date arrives. Luckily, the nervousness passed quickly. Once I started talking I felt much better, and the 30 minutes really did breeze by, which amazed me. Of course, this is all thanks to my lovely interviewer, Madeline Miele Holt, the Director of the Ames Free Public Library. A good interviewer with good questions makes ALL the difference!

Such is the excitement around here. I’ve also been busy trying to schedule readings in March after the release of The King’s Rose. If you happen to know of any bookstores or libraries who may be interested in a reading/book talk, please let me know! I’m also thinking of having a book trailer put together, because when they’re done well they are incredibly cool.

Meanwhile, it’s autumn, and I am so happy about it. I was CHILLY last night – it was delightful. Mind you, I’ll be sick of all the chilliness around, say, January. But right now I’m really enjoying it. I love fall. I even baked an apple pie. And in honor of the waning summer, here is a photo of a Mr. Lincoln in front of our house:

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  1. Hi Alisa!

    If you’re going to be sick of the cold around January, then you should definitely travel to Puerto Rico for a reading! It’s summer weather all year long, or else it’s just rainy and infuriatingly humid.

    But really, we have a few nice Borders bookstores around who wouldn’t mind a wonderful author like yourself. 🙂

    Can’t wait for the new book!

    – Ashley, the Puertorrican bookworm. 😛

  2. not a bookstore or a library, but I’m the co-president of Boston Latin School’s Writing Club, and I would love it if you could visit one of our meetings. We’re planning on adding a book club aspect to our club, so perhaps our first book could be one of yours…
    I do also understand that writers are busy people and aren’t always in charge of their own schedules. ^_^
    But since you asked, I had to bring it up.

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