reasons to visit Salem this weekend…

If you’re still trying to decide whether or not to visit the Bizarre Bazaar in Salem this weekend, here are some things to consider: the weather is supposed to be gorgeous; I will be selling both books AND limited edition t-shirts; and we might be bringing the dog. Roxanne is a 10-year-old basset hound who loves people and attention, so we think she’ll enjoy herself. When she warbles, she sounds like chewbacca – here’s hoping you get to experience this in person, as it rather defies description.

This trip to Salem has made me think of Halloween costumes. Sadly I don’t have a Tudor-era gown to wear this weekend (maybe next year). But I had some pretty cool costumes as a kid. One year I was the scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz, complete with yellow crepe paper hair (you know, like straw…don’t laugh at me) taped inside the brim of a floppy hat. Dad was an artist and therefore very good at face painting, so I had some kick ass stitches painted on my face. Years later I dressed up as the bride of Frankenstein, and my sister Susan did some tremendous things with my hair. I’m afraid that the costumes of my adulthood rather pale in comparison. My other sister, Marcie, makes amazing Halloween costumes. One year, she dressed up like the Titanic. Yes, the actual ship, complete with smoke-stack hat. It was hard core. So what was YOUR favorite Halloween costume? (This is my favorite question to ask people, along with “what was your favorite book as a kid?” and “what was the best gift you ever received as a kid?”)

I was thinking of how I would dress up like Catherine Howard, if I were to dress up like her: maybe a white gown, a sparkly little crown, and a bloody scar around my neck? We’ll see. I’ll have to dig up the proper attire.

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  1. We have OnDemand at home, and I watched a free, old Neve Cambell and Patrick Stewart movie last night, entitled “The Canterville Ghost,” originally written by Oscar Wilde. Not scary at all and pretty cheesy, but in a very endearing way. I think you’d like it!

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