a bizarre weekend in Salem!

The Bizarre Bazaar this weekend was AWESOME!! This is a long post so I’ve separated it into two sections.

First, THE BOOK:

I sold a lot copies of The Blood Confession, which felt good – the book has been out for a couple years now, but it’s nice to be able to find new readers. I also gave away a stack of postcards, which included information about The King’s Rose. It was a lot of fun to be able to talk about it and get the word out before the publication date. It was also fun to check out people in costume, including a guy who called himself Vlad the Impaler who arrived in full regalia (including awesome blue contact lenses) and bought a copy of my book. I can’t believe I didn’t get a photo of this transaction!

LOWLIGHT OF THE DAY: In my attempt to write an inspiring message to a fellow writer in her book, I mis-spelled the word “persistence”. I feel the need to confess this, blog-style. I mean, how will this woman take any of my well meaning writing advice to heart if I mess up my spelling? I’m actually a very good speller, but I just completely blanked out. It can be sort of overwhelming to try and write something clever with people standing around you…Blurg.

HIGHLIGHT OF THE DAY: People who read my book (a bunch of them who had purchased it from me at the fair last year) found my booth to tell me how much they loved it. This makes me more happy than I can really put into words. I always tell my readers that their positive response means so much to me. It is, truly, the whole point of it all, to share my vision with others in the hopes that they enjoy it and get something out of it. I only hope that they realize just how sincere I am about this. One young woman in particular really made my day: she had no idea I would be at the fair so it was a surprise for her to find me there. She said she loved my book so much she may read it again. HOORAY!

Second, THE DOG:

We brought Roxanne with us this year, knowing that for all her faults (if it were a choice for her between following a scent or responding to our call…well, it’s no choice really) she is great with people, including kids. And she LOVES attention. It was wonderful to see how people responded to her; so many people who love basset hounds, so many people telling her she’s beautiful and adorable. And we got to talk to people about their dogs, which I enjoyed. It was nice to connect with other basset owners about the stubborness of the breed (one woman assured me that male bassets are even worse in this regard). One family told us about their basset, Copper, who recently died after a long life – their emotion was visible. It just shows how very powerful the experience of having a pet can be.

LOWLIGHT OF THE DAY: Roxanne didn’t really like the dogs wearing costumes. I think she was offended by their lack of dignity. And let’s just say that I didn’t sell any books to people with large dogs on Sunday – she got a bit territorial about our tent.

HIGHLIGHT OF THE DAY: Watching her tail wag in a circle, like a propeller, as she gazed into the face her admirer. One man looked at her and said “and the award for best-behaved dog of the day goes to the basset hound”. Or perhaps my favorite: when a couple came by with three basset hounds. It was like a crazy floppy basset hound convention. It was amazing to see Roxanne commune with her own kin! They are such wonderful, strange looking dogs.

The Greeting of the Bassets (Tom is the basset wrangler; Roxanne is the light-colored red and white – she was the oldest of the group).

Rest assured that in any meeting of bassets, one will be lying down and taking a rest.

So the bizarre was an amazing experience. Now I just need to recuperate!

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  1. Hi, Alisa~ I’m a middle school English teacher & children’s author with a national debut in 2009, and I just stopped by your website & blog to get some information about your new book because our mutual friend Lauren S. recommended it as one that I might want to include in a workshop I’m giving on historical fiction at the NYS English Teachers’ Conference this week (and she was right!).

    First of all, congratulations on what sounds like a fantastic book – I’m looking forward to reading it. Secondly, I have to share my envy at your photos of the festival in Salem. I’ve only been there once but was enchanted with the history of the village. Signing books there in October must have been a delight.

    Wishing you all the best!

    ~Kate Messner
    Walker Books for Young Readers, Fall ’09

  2. I can’t spell iether. I mean eether. I mean EITHER.

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