In honor of the ghost of Catherine Howard

Greetings to all!


I am so excited to see my second book, The King’s Rose on Amazon! And available for pre-order no less:


It seems fitting to write a message about Catherine Howard, the fifth wife of King Henry VIII and the subject The King’s Rose, so close to Halloween. According to legend, after her execution in 1542 Catherine began haunting a gallery in Hampton Court. She first ran down this gallery upon her arrest at Hampton, shouting her husband’s name as the guards dragged her back to her chambers. Needless to say, the king did not respond to Catherine’s call, and her ghost has continued to traverse this hallway, shouting “Henry! Henry! Henry!” to whoever will listen.


I’ve never had much luck hunting ghosts, but I did travel to England to visit Hampton Court, Westminster, the Tower of London, and other places where Catherine lived. To read my travel journal and view some photos from my trip, please visit these links:


England – Windsor

England – Hampton Court

England – Tower of London


Though I didn’t see her ghost, I definitely sensed Catherine’s presence – particularly in the Chapel of St. Peter ad Vincula at the Tower of London, where she is buried next to her cousin, Anne Boleyn.


Happy Halloween to all,


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  1. Hello!

    I think your upcoming book, The King’s Rose, sounds amazing! I love reading about Tudor England and Henry VIII’s wives. I was wondering if you had any ARC’s of The King’s Rose? All books I read are then reviewed on my blog, Simply Books. Here’s a link if you want to check it out:

    I would have emailed you, but I couldn’t find your email address.


  2. Ms. Libby,

    I have received a an ARC copy of the King’s Rose from Book Divas and just finished reading it up to 2 am in the morning last night. It is a great story! I am about to start a review about it on my blog. Feel free to drop by!


  3. Hello!

    I can’t wait to read and review the upcoming book the King’s Rose. I will let you know when my review is posted. Thank you! I am so excited to read it.


  4. Hi there, I’m wondering if you have any ARC’s of your novel The King’s Rose available. I’m a lover of historical fiction and especially anything to do with Henry VIII. I review all books on my blog:

    If you do I’d surely appreciate a copy. I can be contacted at:


  5. Ms. Libby,

    Not sure if you received my reply but I don’t mind if you post the link to my review at all! =D If you don’t mind, can I also get an author review? =)


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