last weekend in review

Last weekend I stayed at a friend’s house in JP, and our other friend came in from Ohio. These are college friends, Lesley and Beth, each with their own curious version of the artistic temperament and sensibility. It feels good to spend time with people who carry around this same blessing/burden.

There was a lot of giggling (immediately upon seeing each other—it was crazy) not to mention discussions of poetry, art, television, David Bowie and Morrissey. We visited the Isabella Stuart Gardner Museum and fell in love with her portrait, painted by John Singer Sargent. We shopped around in vintage clothing stores, and we ate delicious food: the Indian food was so tasty that the memory of honey-soaked dumplings and tamarind sauce and rice pudding in coconut milk haunts me as I write this. One night we watched a strange and interesting documentary called Monster Camp about people who meet in the woods every year to play Live Action Role Playing Games.

I think my favorite part of the weekend was sitting at Beth’s kitchen table, joined by yet another friend Maureen, and chatting over a picnic of cheese, apples, olives, salami, bread and wine. What could be better than four friends filling up a table, sharing good food and laughter? Hair braiding and talking about boys commenced shortly thereafter…it was a slumber party, after all.

Cheers to Beth, Lesley and Maureen for a wonderful weekend!

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  1. good style!
    very good!

  2. I heart you!!!

  3. you’re a little dickens!

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