waiting for book’s release

I’ve often wondered what other authors do with themselves in that strange “in between books” stage. I read an interview with Pucker author Melanie Gideon (if I recall correctly) about how she spends this time reading a lot, seeing a lot of movies, and listening to very loud music. I think these all sound like excellent ideas. I also like to go to a museum and spend the whole day just wandering around. And apparently I allot a substantial amount of time to hand-wringing and generally dark thoughts, which is not as good an idea at all. If you are a writer and you can avoid this, I would highly suggest that you do so.

That said, I’ve been pretty busy with the other side of writing–publicity–which doesn’t include any fiction-writing at all. Now that all of my postcards have been sent I’m trying to set up more events, and I’m planning a nice little book launch party at Simmons College. I work at Simmons in the Graduate School of Library and Information Science (GSLIS). I hope that my having a day-job doesn’t disappoint those of you planning to be famous, rich authors someday. I actually think it’s nice to still have a day job–at least one at a great place like Simmons–because then I don’t have to put the additional pressure of mortgage payments and trips to the grocery on the process of writing. I already put too much pressure on my writing as is, and I’ve found that if I’m not properly inspired then this pressure doesn’t do me much good.

So readings and booksignings are being planned. Of course, I would love to see some of my readers there! If you’re not there, well then, I may just have to sit quietly wringing my hands, and no one wants that to happen.

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