The King’s Rose – released!

Finally, after you’ve listened to me nattering on about it forever, the book is out. There are so many people who were integral to the process of creating this book, so I feel the need to thank them here: my ever-patient agent, Esmond Harmsworth; my wonderful editor, Julie Strauss-Gabel; Michael Frost for that delicious cover photo; Lisa Yoskowitz at Dutton for all of her guidance and assistance; and just Dutton in general. I send you all big blankets of love.

I also really, truly need to thank Tom. Not only does he put up with my stress/frustration/complaints, but he has listened and–more importantly–contributed to long debates about Catherine, her time period, her behavior and Henry’s expectations. We would talk about her as if she were a real, living person, like a third roommate in our little abode. And in some ways, she was. I’m lucky he didn’t try to evict us both.

As for the book: ideally, you’ll listen to a little music written by Henry VIII before you sit down and read. “Pastime with Good Companie” is one of my favorites. Or maybe you’ll listen to the opening segment of The Virgin Queen soundtrack, which I listened to probably over a thousand times while writing. And when you’re done, when it’s all over, maybe you’ll listen to the song “The Other Side” by David Gray, which I had in my head quite often during the writing of this book.

I’ll write again soon with a recount of my fantastic launch party that was held yesterday at Simmons College (bless you, Simmons College!) which I’m relieved to say was a really great, fun event.

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