Book Talk at West Bridgewater Public Library

Today I met with the teen book group at the West Bridgewater Public Library. This group was a little bit younger than my usual audience–they were probably around 11 to 14 years old. And I have to say, they were fantastic. At least half a dozen of them were writers, working on novels, short stories, poetry, and songs. And their interests ran the gamut of fantasy, magical realism, and historical fiction. I always worry that a group, especially of teenagers, won’t ask any questions (I know I was shy as a teenager) and I’ll just sit up there and blah blah and bore them all to tears. I didn’t have to worry about that with this group. They had a lot of questions about my research, what I liked to write, how I found inspiration for my books, and how long it took me to write my books. The librarians present had both read The Blood Confession so they had more book-specific questions, and one of the teenagers asked about the role of God and religion in the book, which was such a great, perceptive question that (as with most incredibly perceptive questions) I worried I didn’t answer it as well as I could have. I’ve been ruminating about this ever since.

It was a fun event. Hang in there, all of you writers! Oh, and check out the cool sign the librarians put in the window:


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