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I went to visit a fiction writing class at Emerson on Tuesday, which was fun. I took that very same class with that very same professor when I was at Emerson, so it’s pretty cool to get the chance to go back and share my experiences. It makes me wonder what I would have asked as a writing student, or what misconceptions I had about writing.

I think one misconception I had was that writing would eventually be easy. I’m not saying it doesn’t get easier, because I think it has. I have an agent and an editor who has already worked with me, so I have the avenues of publication open to me–it’s just a matter of producing something that they will like. Mostly when I sit down and write it’s with the same uncertainty that I had before I was published: will this story work? Will it be worth the time and effort? Will my agent/editor like it? Will it ever be published? But maybe this isn’t such a bad thing. It can be a necessarily humbling experience for any writer. The stark opposite is when a writer hits it big and suddenly they will publish anything they write just to get it on the shelves, and that’s no good because the work begins to suffer.

But back to Tuesday; it was a really nice Spring-like day and I walked around Downtown Crossing for a while, eating a giant peanut butter cookie and wandering around. It was nice. I’m in the city most every day for work but I don’t often get much chance to wander. Not to mention the peanut butter cookie. Since then I’ve been home doing some writing (the completely uncertain kind, as mentioned above) which has distracted me from updating my blog or my twitter account (I’m a horribly slow tweeter). It seems that my mind can only focus on one task at a given time: if I’m writing, I’m writing, and all the other parts of my brain go into hibernation.

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