back to work tomorrow…

Well my dears, it’s the end of my three weeks off from work for my little book tour and writing excursion. It seems impossible to get through the last Sunday of a vacation without wondering what I have accomplished.

So how did I do? The book launch at Simmons was a great success, thank goodness, as were the other events I’ve had since March 19: two book-signings, one library visit, one book group, one visit to a writing class. I’ve done some publicity, I was in the local paper and did some blog interviews. The last week of my break was primarily spent writing. I wrote about 100 pages, completely on speculation. Will these 100 pages become a book? I wish I could answer that question, but I can not. It’s an experiment; that’s what writing is.

And here I am, and it’s Sunday. Even though I am DREADING hearing my alarm go off at 6:20 a.m. tomorrow morning (yeah, I am not a morning person), I am looking forward to seeing those nice smiling faces at GSLIS, again. Those faces make having a day job a nice thing. And in this economy I’m not about to complain about heading back to my job. I’ll be reminding myself of this tomorrow morning.

Speaking of GSLIS, here’s the March InfoLink online–lots of great articles, including one I wrote about searching for Catherine’s ghost. Enjoy!

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