library book talk and ARCs for review…

I will be doing a book talk at the Kingston Public Library next Monday, July 13 at 6 p.m. I plan to read an excerpt from The King’s Rose, then talk a bit about my writing process and how I came to be published. I’m looking forward to it – I just hope I have an audience (hint, hint).

The book tour has gradually wound down – though I’m still visiting blogs! I love guest-blogging. My current task is to write a blog entry debunking some common misconceptions about Catherine, for example: that she was notoriously dim-witted. Perhaps I’m too close to my subject matter, but I have some actual historical texts to back up my admittedly sympathetic argument. Speaking of blogs…if anyone reading this maintains a book review blog and you’re interested in reviewing The King’s Rose, contact me. I may have an ARC for you, if you’re interested.

[Pause: I just watched Roxanne get stuck under her dog blanket. I don’t know how she managed this. I tried to get a photo – mean! I know – but she escaped in time to save her precious dignity.]

I’ve been floating around between projects as of late, distracting myself with reading copious books and baking copious cookies (oh, and polynesian-style meatballs). There are worse things to do while not writing. I’ve been taking note of things in what I hope is a writerly way: the glossy amber slugs scattered in couplets across the wet sidewalk, the train window silvered with raindrops…(yes, it’s still raining). But I know I have to get back to it, for real. Even though this new project isn’t clicking just yet, I think it deserves a little more effort. And Tom has requested that I calm down on the cookie baking, for the sake of our collective health.

Before I turn to my fussily highlighted outline, let me introduce you to the Queen Elizabeth:

 Queen Elizabeth in a vase

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  1. Hi Alisa, I’m half way through reading The King’s Rose now and I’m really enjoying it. You have certainly changed my perception of this poor young girl. I will hopefully have it finished on the weekend so check my blog for a review.

    So what are you working on now and when will your next book be published?

    • Thank you Alaine! I am working on a new book now but I’m not sure when it will be published. Rest assured that I will be shouting it from the rooftops as soon as I have any news…


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