myths about Catherine Howard; lots of books, too

I was invited to do a guest post at The Anne Boleyn Files, which is an awesome blog that debunks all kinds of myths and heresies surrounding King Henry’s second queen – a must for any Tudor history buff, or fan of The Tudors. My post attempts to debunk some rumors about Catherine Howard. There are so many rumors that it was difficult to choose just a few, but I focused on the big ones: Catherine was stupid, greedy, slutty…you get the picture. Read the full post here:

Claire, queen of the site, also wrote a wonderful review of The King’s Rose. Hooray!:

I’ve been doing a lot of reading myself lately, in preparation for the Children’s Literature Institute this weekend at Simmons College. Here are some of the books I’ve read, written by authors who will be speaking at the conference. I’ll be posting a post-conference report early next week.

Feed_cover image

cover_olives_oceanA Wreath for Emmett Till_coverGraceling Cover jpegShooter_cover

The Devil's Storybook_coverchasing vermeer_cover

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  1. I loved Olive’s ocean and of course we have had many converations about our love for Graceling.

  2. Thanks so much for writing the blog post on Catherine Howard, hers is such a tragic story but she is often passed over and ignored. I loved your book, it really brought home to me how much Catherine probably was manipulated and controlled – the poor girl just didn’t stand a chance.
    Thanks again and thanks for your kind words about The Anne Boleyn Files.

  3. Loved the bit about Catherine Howard myths!
    I must admit that out of all those books, the only one I have read is “Chasing Vermeer” and I absolutely loved it. Vermeer is actually one of my favorite painters because of it – I hadn’t heard of him before then, and I loved finding out about all the little patterns in his paintings.
    And of course, my favorite would be “A Lady Writing” – if only we all looked so elegant while scribbling away!

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