magical swings, face transplants…loads of books

If you haven’t noticed, I’m pretty obsessive about my reading tendencies. I think it’s only worse lately since I’m floating around between projects. Or really, I’m floating around in project-limbo: I can’t really work on my newest idea until I hear back from my agent. So what to do in the meantime? (Aside from fretting, yes, we’ve been over that.) Read, of course.

swing in the summerhouse book coverMost recently: The Swing in the Summerhouse, which is a sequel to the much-beloved Diamond in the Window, which was another short-runner for the “children’s book that changed my world” prize. It was delightful and included a scene of young Edward and Eleanor feeling what it’s like to be “grown up” in the most terrifying way imaginable. Yikes! I look forward to reading more of Jane Langton’s work.

sara's face book coverToday I finished Sara’s Face by Melvin Burgess, which was fast and interesting and terribly dark, with a lot of characters obsessed with their own appearance – to the point of requiring face transplants. I’ve never read Burgess before and this book was tough to put down. Themes very reminiscent of Erzebet Bizecka, with her own bloody process of preserving youth and beauty.

What’s next, in my quest to distract myself from my own out-of-reach manuscript? I’m considering re-reading the 6 & 7th Harry Potter novels. I never re-read because there are SO MANY books out there that I stay up late at night worrying that I won’t be able to read all of them. But I read these books SO quickly, it would be nice to read them slowly and savor them in my usual manner. Plus, it just sounds so utterly comforting, doesn’t it? Harry Potter? It’s the literary equivalent of hot chocolate. Better: butterbeer. Delicious.

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