Guest author blogger: JonArno Lawson

I am pleased to announce that I will be sharing brief posts by other children’s and young adult authors for the next month (or more, depending on how many obliging authors I can hunt down). I will launch this new segment today with children’s poet JonArno Lawson, who spoke at the Children’s Literature Symposium at Simmons this past summer. His most recent book is The Voweller’s Bestiary.

voweller's bestiary cover

Do you have any writing rituals?

I usually write in a little notebook that I keep in my pocket at all times. Often I think best when I’m walking around. But later I sit down at my desk with my notebooks and try to sort out the good from the bad, and fill things out, or shorten them,, but it’s more of an editing process by then. . .

I prefer working in the early morning. I like a cup of tea, or coffee. I find music interferes if I’m really trying to work out an idea, but it helps if I’m just refining things a little. I like Chopin’s nocturnes, and Bach’s cello suites, and I rarely stray from these. They don’t vary much in mood – there’s nothing worse than short pop songs for desk work.

Name a book or author who inspired you to write.

Doris Lessing has influenced me more than any other writer. No one’s been as brave, or generous, or as wide-ranging in her ideas. bpNichol, the Canadian poet – also brave, generous, and curious.

the man in the moon-fixer's mask_U.S. cover

Thank you, JonArno, for participating! For more information about JonArno’s books, please visit his website.

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  1. It’s always so great to hear about how other writers work. I can’t wait to read the next installment in your short interview series.

  2. I’m a beginning writer and I’m enjoying what I do very much. Marketing is one of my weak points but I guess as you go along you learn to be more proficient in this area. I just had a new book released “Matt And The Wonder of Wishes”.
    I like to work in a quiet environment with music that does not distract but fits in as a part of the background and can be a stimulant to my thought processes. I love writing poetry as it seems to bring out your true ability to create in words things or thoughts that come to you in moments of true inspiration.

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