beacon street is mighty pretty

I’ve just returned from a little family vacation: a couple days in Boston and then a couple days in New Hampshire. It was nice to get the chance to show our little city to Roy and Hazel, whom we visited in England a couple years ago. We took a walk through the public gardens, and later we walked down Beacon Street and saw my old dorm (which is now an apartment building):

Beacon Street dorm

And the former Governor’s mansion, which is now also the former Emerson Library, where Tom worked when we were in school. It had a beautiful reading room:

old Emerson libraryNew Hampshire is absolutely stunning at this time of year – peak foliage season. We had a little river rushing by our back deck; we would have spent more time out there enjoying the view if only it weren’t so chilly.

NH deck view of riverIt could be a nice place for a little writer’s retreat, I think. As long as we brought some very, very warm clothes and figured out some way to make tea. I find views like this lovely and inspiring, but I don’t know if it’s really conducive to getting work done. I admitted to someone (another creative soul) that my ideal work space is pretty much a windowless cave, and she tilted her head and peered at me in that curious, my-you-are-a-strange-one sort of way. But there it is.

Before I post more New Hampshire photos, I have some links to share!

Thank you, Ashley, for this wonderful review of The King’s Rose: Ashley’s review was also posted on

A great review from The Book Girl, too:

I have a guest post on the Shady Glade, where I share how much I love to write about BAD GIRLS:

Also fellow kudos to JonArno Lawson who has a book hot off the press – and it looks really cool, to boot:

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