singin’ and swingin’ and gettin’ spooky like halloween

My sister Valerie and I were in Salem the other day. Rest assured, Halloween has already descended, black-caped and red-eyed, upon Witch City. It’s sharpening it’s teeth upon the souls there before spreading to the masses later this month.

me and ValWe wandered around the Bizarre Bazaar, where I’ve had a booth up selling books in the past. I was a little sad not to be among the sellers this year – maybe in the future I’ll set up shop there again. Still, it was nice to be able to wander this time instead of being locked in a booth.

church in Salem

We visited lots of booths and little witch shops, where you can pick up your witch supplies. It’s interesting to see how all forms of witchery intersect at this juncture: the history of the terrifying witchcraft trials, shops that carry magic wands a la Harry Potter alongside the more authentically pagan items (herbs and candles and spell books, oh my!), and teenagers pouring out of the doors of “Dracula’s Castle” or “Frankenstein’s Laboratory” screaming their heads off. Not to mention the Bewitched statue in the middle of town…which doesn’t really bear mentioning.

Come nightfall, one does notice a change in the atmosphere.

bloody bride

It all made me want to reread Dracula, or any other of the million vampire/werewolf/ghost books that I’ve had on my reading list. I’m not one for the haunted houses where ghoulies pop out and startle you, but to be in the comfort of your own home and deliciously frightened by a book or a movie – preferably about a terror far outside the realm of our reality – that is more my speed.

Speaking of books, I also visited the Derby Square Bookstore, a towering cave of books.

bookstore 1


I also have a review to share! After my week of writing challenges, reading this review was like…drinking the nectar of the gods. No, seriously: 3

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