nanowrimo beckons…

After struggling with revising a work in progress, I fantasize about starting fresh with an idea, a new character, a blank page, and seeing where these new elements take me. Mind you, I’m a fickle creature – after a few weeks with said “fresh elements” I’ll be yearning to have a completed draft to cut to pieces and try to fix.

That said, I have signed up for my very first National Novel Writing Month this November. I’ve never officially signed up before so it’s exciting, and I hear that all who participate receive emails of encouragement from different authors throughout the month. Ironically, I dispense a lot of well-meaning advice about writing, but I don’t always manage to follow it. I’m not quite sure what I’ll write about, but I’ve heard that the uncertainty is all a part of the fun. It’s certainly not my usual way of writing a draft. I usually plan things out in a pretty control-freakish manner. So this is a new experiment!

I’m considering giving myself another option (a cheat, I’ll admit): if I hit a wall, then I can start a new draft of a new idea – just as long as I write 200 pages, total. I know myself – if I keep writing through the wall, the words that tumble out will be destined for the rubbish bin. Been there, done that. Or maybe my goal will be to write a full draft, from beginning to end, regardless of page count? What do you think, am I being too cynical and not fully embracing the spirit of this writing month? Experienced Nanowrimo winners, please comment!

I love this review – thank you fashion piranha!:

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  1. generally when I hit a wall during NaNo I just push through it – but then again, i’m not necessarily going for quality during November. One idea would be, if you have a rough outline of the plot, to just jump ahead to a later scene, and come back to the gap later on. That way you don’t abandon the work, but you also don’t write complete trash.

    • Megan – this is a good idea, and one I’ll be sure to remember. I rarely write a book out of sequence, but I’ve heard it can be useful to write the “best stuff” (or at least the stuff that you’re most excited about) first. I’ll let you know how it goes!

      • Another thing that’s important to check out/experience during NaNo is the events organized by the municipal liaisons, like the meet and greet and the weekly write-ins.

      • You’re right! That is a good idea. It can be invigorating to sit and write in the company of other writers. Especially if there are cookies involved (and there certainly should be). I hope you’ve signed up for Nano this year!

      • Signed up but not sure how much I will be able to do around school work and college apps.

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