Nanowrimo begins!

Well, it’s day 4 of Nanowrimo and so far I’ve written every day – though I’ll admit that my initially impressive word count has begun to slip a little bit. My first drafts are relatively lazy and impatient creatures. I think this is because I’m working from an outline and because I am a lazy and impatient creature. The transitions are inelegant and the voice is uncertain, but I’m eagerly moving from one scene to the next, no time to stop and take care of things like rambling dialogue or description or any of that. But I think that shows I have some momentum moving me forward. All of the other details are things I usually fill in during revision.

I’m really enjoying the excitement of writing a brand new draft of a brand new thing. It’s making me think about other projects that I’ve let languish, untouched, for months – I wonder if I could turn this same bang-it-out-fast approach to them, and then have something to work with, to revise? This thought (along with having a Gogol Bordello song in my head) kept me wide awake last night. My enthusiasm for this whole first draft business will wane in a week or so, but at the moment it is invigorating.

So – how are my fellow Nanowrimo-ers out there fairing thus far?

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