lots of noveling

I’ve been doing a lot of noveling lately (first drafting, to be exact) and not a lot of blogging. Or doing laundry. Or much of anything else.

Nanowrimo is an exercise in optimism, in big dreams and big plans. On the horizon of this 50,000 word project there lingers that unanswered question: will I return to this draft and revise it, try to make a novel out of this confused pile of words? I hope that I do. At the very least I’ve enjoyed this project and found it invigorating to bust through this draft without taking the time to question whether it’s good. There’s no time to question things during a first draft – especially if you’re only taking a month to write it.

Speaking of which, the motivation to get to that goal of 50,000 words has been key. My writer friend Anne challenged me that if I finish the 50,000 words by this Friday, I’ll get a prize.

I love prizes.

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