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Oh, gluttony! Tomorrow I’m picking up two vampire books from our branch library: Sunshine by Robin McKinley and Pretty Dead by Francesca Lia Block (more ILL requests). The fact that I can pick these up at my little branch library AND that these two fantastic authors have written YA vampire novels makes me supremely delighted…though overwhelmed with all the books waiting expectantly to be read. 

This morning I finished reading The Broken Citadel. I loved this book with a rare and special book love. Thank goodness it’s the first of a trilogy!

Meanwhile, I’m working on my own little redrafting of this old idea that I’m attempting to make new again. It’s kind of like finding an old dress that never fit quite right but you still sort of love it and think about it so you shake out the wrinkles to try it on. I’m changing the point of view (again) and the tense (again). These things aren’t always clear in my first telling of a story: early drafts of The Blood Confession weren’t even in Erzebet’s point of view, and the first draft of The King’s Rose was told in past tense. All of writing is experimentation, see?

I also changed the names of the main characters to further refresh the whole thing. However, though it is fiction there is a historical element to it – this is not a girl in jeans with a pencil tucked behind her ear (though I miss that character muchly and hope to get back to her soon). So much more research will be required, but that will wait for the moment. I just have to get the bare bones of the plot down on paper, then deal with things like voice, character development, historical detail in later drafts. It’s a lot to consider…best to take it in smaller bites.

In other news: I met a bear in the train station. We are now great friends.

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  1. I hope you brought that bear home with you so I can come by and visit him. So cute!!

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