So winter break is fast approaching, and I’ve got some time off scheduled right after it in early January. All told its three tidy weeks, the latter part of which should be spent writing. So what do I generally do when faced with this glorious bit of time? I over-extend and create an inhumane to-do list. Then when the time comes I quickly lose steam, get frustrated with my lack of productivity and get little done, frustrated by my own lack of focus.

I was pondering what I should do to combat this cycle before it happens yet again. It makes me yearn to tap into that part of myself that is eager to get to work, ready for any challenge, efficient and industrious. In other words: What would Hermione Granger do?

Oh, come on. She’s your hero too, right? I work at a library school, she must be someone’s patron saint over in the halls of GSLIS. Sure, she can be a little overbearing at times. But I love reading about her bag heavy with books, her color-coded notes, her breathless excitement over arithromancy (or whatever the heck it is she’s spinning back in time in order to study), and her unabashed love of the Hogwart’s library. What’s not to love and admire? What can that frizzy-haired, big-toothed girl not accomplish?

Perhaps I can accomplish something too, if I adopt a little bit of her work ethic, her determination, her bravery. Her willingness to dive into the fray, whether it’s battling true evil or studying for her O.W.L. exams. First: a list, not an overlong one. And color- coded!

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