pre-revision jitters

Now that the holidaying is winding down (though you wouldn’t know it from the amount of cookies/chex mix/chocolates in our kitchen) I have my time off, dedicated to revising my Nano novel.

So why, you may ask, am I bit jittery, a bit twitchy? Aside from being the likely symptoms of a sugar overdose, I think there is another culprit: pre-revision jitters. I’ve got this book – or at least the semblance of a book, lots of words on lots of pages – and I have some ideas of what to add and remove, but is it enough? Is my “vision” for this book good enough? Meanwhile, this other idea keeps tempting me – I’ve mentioned how that new idea always seems so much sexier than the pile of words in front of me, covered in red pen marks and drenched in uncertainty.

But I must forge ahead…right? I mean, I sort of fell in love with this book and these characters while barreling through 50,000 in November. So I just need to find that love again – and, more importantly, find FOCUS. Start with an outline, type up my notes, and see what I’ve got. Raise the stakes, raise the tension. Put these people in serious danger. And then, and then – we’ll see what I’ve got.

What else is making me twitchy? Well, some bogus internet software thingy has taken a hold of Little Margaret, my laptop. I can’t turn it on or access any of my files – here’s hoping my back up worked! I’m lucky that Tom has a desktop computer, which I’m using right now with only mild crankiness (I miss my laptop…). And, to look on the bright side: I just finally ordered a netbook for myself, after MONTHS of saying that I would. So I’ll be sure to tell you all about it when it arrives. Should I name it “tiniest margaret” or perhaps something more original?

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