a snag in the road

I had been planning on focusing on my new project this week, remember I told you that? I sat down with it yesterday, reviewed all of my notes and started writing. I wrote for a few hours, but by the end I was running out of steam – and, more worrisome, running out of stuff to write.

The reason I was able to forge ahead through my Nanowrimo draft in one month was because of the outline I had prepared – a bulleted list of scenes that would take place. But all I know about this story is that these kids are heading on a journey soon, and I have absolutely no idea where they are headed. It’s the whole point of the book, but I’m a big blank.

So today I’m taking a brief break, going out and grabbing some lunch with Mom. But when I come home I have to crack open some books, think about plot, do some brainstorming and figure out this mystery…in general, channel my inner Hermione Granger.

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