writing day!

Today, Anna came over to the house and we had a writing day. We chatted about where we are in our projects at the moment (prognosis: stuck) then we wrote for a little bit before lunch. I was glad that we stopped when my stomach started audibly grumbling.

Over lunch (lo mein and sushi are good for promoting writerly thoughts, did you know this?) we talked about our writing goals for the year. I like the idea of having goals, but then I get all jinxy and I worry that it’s like aiming too high at a new year’s resolution. (“This year I’m going to figure out the meaning of life!” No you’re not. You’re going to eat fig newtons and watch television.) But here goes: my goal is to not be such a wimp about writing a full first draft. Just stop complaining and sit down and write the darn thing. Also, I want to focus on a few select projects. Otherwise I’ll end up with a lot of beginnings but nothing polished enough to send to my agent.

After lunch, Anna and I discussed plot. I’m happy to say that this was a HUGE help for me, and hopefully for Anna, too. She gives much more insightful advice than Roxanne, who generally just snores or sneezes on me in response. So yes, the quest ahead for my characters is still murky, but at least I know there is more to it than survival – I just need to figure out what it is. This may still sound pretty vague but at least I’m not a total blank like I was yesterday.

It’s nice to write in the company of another writer. And the fortune in our fortune cookie? “Blessed in that man who has found his work.”

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  1. I went home and did a bit more writing, so I’d say we had a rather productive day! Thanks for having me. 🙂

  2. Our Writing Club shared writing goals just yesterday! It’s the New Year – everybody’s in resolution mode.
    But that fortune cookie is priceless. It’s so awesome when you find one that actually make sense. ^_^

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