hello, insomnia

Usually my insomnia kicks in about mid-way into my time-off from work for writing. This time it waited until the final week, but it has hit me with a vengeance. I think that these last two weeks have been productive, but I don’t want to jinx anything – I still have to reread my revision. I have one week left to get a lot done, so I could really finish up like a champ, right? A good night’s sleep would help of course, but between my writing worries keeping me up late and the dog’s complaints (there’s nothing like a midnight basset seranade) I doubt that will happen.

Right now the pup is sleeping very peacefully on her Red Sox blanket, as if to say “I am a nuisance to you? Moi? I can not imagine it.”

My laptop has been acting up lately (giving me an error message and shutting down the internet, or freezing up while I’m working on a document) so I’ve been using the netbook a lot. So far so good with the netbook (knock on wood! I’m feeling so jinxy today…). The ASUS Eee is a really nice little machine if you’re in the market for one. The mousepad does take some getting used to and the up and down arrow keys are very small, but overall I think the keyboard is well designed. I bought the one with the longer battery life – about 8 hours – and I’m glad I did. I do feel like a giant pounding away on the laptop of choice of a fairy creature, but I’ve really enjoyed using it. That said, the screen is small: it’s great for web stuff and even for first-drafting a novel, but I doubt I’ll ever be able to revise a book on a screen that size. I need to see my outline/notes document and the manuscript side by side, and that requires a larger screen.

All right. Back to work. Reviewing my to do list. Typing up some notes. Then maybe opening up my revision and reading it…Or maybe that will wait for tomorrow.

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