tweeting up at ALA

The American Library Association mid-winter Conference was in Boston this year, so I met up with my YA chums on Saturday and we toured around the exhibit hall. We spent most of our time in the Children’s/Young Adult book section, of course. It was fun to wander around and check out all those new releases (so many amazing books…) and I picked up two ARCs. How great is this cover for Donna Jo’s new book? And My Life with the Lincolns immediately got my attention. I find the Lincolns fascinating.

I had lunch with some of the bloggers from The Enchanted Inkpot, and we talked about books and writing and all that good stuff. I met authors and Inkies Nandini Bajpai, Marissa Doyle (The Bewitching Season), Deva Fagan (Fortune’s Folly), and Ellen Booraem (The Unnameables). My own Anna Staniszewski is also an Inkie, and we were joined by middle school librarian extraordinaire, Sarah Chessman. Anna and Deva and I talked about how we write the books that we wanted to read when we were younger; an intense discussion ensued involving unicorns, dolphins, and – a combination of the two – narwhals. Bliss! My twelve year old self would have been thrilled.

After lunch and some more exhibit-wandering (we did A LOT of walking) we went to a special “tweet up” event of YA book lovers (all of us twittering, I suppose). I met a whole bunch of librarians, agents, editors, bloggers and writers. I tried to pretend that I’m not a shy person and I walked up to people and said hello. I met the founder of New Moon magazine, which was so cool! I didn’t take enough photos, but here are Anne and Anna (they are in my writing group) chatting with author Jo Knowles (Jumping off Swings) at the tweet up.

We YA people know how to party, it’s the truth. In fact, I met and spoke to so many people that I woke up the next day with no voice whatsoever. It was all worth it!

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  1. Wow, what an awful picture of me! But yes, it was lots of fun. I hope you got your voice back. 🙂

  2. I think you look cute and writerly, hanging out with your cool beverage, chatting with other writers. We’re very fancy:)

  3. As always, a picture of me in the middle of talking with my eyes closed. Another gem. I had a great time at Tweetup, though.

  4. It was great to see you as always! But too brief! 🙂

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