back to work

Now that I’m back at work at Simmons, I’m reflecting on what I think was a successful writing “retreat”. It’s impossible to judge the quality of the writing I did – but at least I wrote. Completed a revision, just as I had set out to do.

There were a lot of things that made this break a success. I want to thank Tom for being patient when he came home to find me with that crazed-author-stuck-in-house-all-day-with-revision gleam in my eyes. Also, for getting me tea when my voice vanished. Thanks to Anna for joining me for writing day, which was fun and a great brainstorming opportunity. Thanks to Mom and Val for giving me a break from writing, luring me out of the house with promises of food and good company (both promises fulfilled). Thanks to Roxanne for enjoying long, long naps as I clacked away on my computer. And as for computers: thanks to Tom’s old desktop to being there for me when my laptop gave me the finger, and thanks to my new little netbook for saving the day when Tom’s desktop did the same (am I tech-cursed or what?). Thanks to Lauren for indulging in numerous writerly phone conversations over the past couple weeks – I’m lucky to have a writer friend to whom I can dish my darkest fears and concerns about my work in progress.

Lastly, thanks to all of my co-workers at GSLIS. It makes it a lot easier to come back to work knowing that I get to see your smiling faces again.

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