yup, more revising

I feel like all I ever report here is the vague and continual “revising” that is constantly taking place. To elaborate: I have two projects in the works at the moment. One is my Nanowrimo novel that is still in need of a final act, and then a complete revision. The other is something I’ve had in the cooker for a while now, and has recently gone through an overhaul: the main character has grown from 13 to 15, and the voice and plot have grown (I hope) along with her. Hence the need for revising. Both of these books are contemporary magical real/fantasy.

Revising can encompass nit-picking over details of scenes or overhauling the entire plot of a book. I guess if I just say that I’m revising either way it makes me feel better about the more drastic changes (like the aforementioned age-change of my main character).

I did a lot of work on Saturday and Monday (long weekend, yay!) to fix up my current draft so that I can look at it again in big picture form and see what I’ve got – hopefully without weeping. I didn’t work on anything else all weekend (hence the blog silence) and I feel a little burned-out by the experience, but being exhausted by a day of writing is a good kind of exhaustion. My eyes burn and my head hurts, but if I end the day feeling tired but hopeful, that’s a good feeling.

[Painting: Spring, Sir Lawrence Alma Tadema]

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