to revise or not to revise

I’ve made an executive decision to put my shrunken manuscript aside for a while. I have two conferences coming up in the next couple weeks, and I won’t be able to give the book my full attention until all of that excitement is over. I just picked up my pages and carried them – with small ceremony, the soft strumming of guitars in the background – to my desk in the (very messy) office, where they will wait undisturbed for my return. I’m hoping to get back to work on the book when I have my next break from work at the end of May.

Speaking of conferences, I’m attending the Grub Street, Inc. Muse & Marketplace Conference this weekend. On Saturday I’ll be presenting an “hour of power” session entitled “Beating Writer’s Block”. While that sounds a bit violent I think you get the picture. I’m nervous, but there is nothing new in that, my friends. I’m also really excited and thankful for the opportunity – I’ve attended a Muse conference before but this is my first chance to present. I’ve practiced my talk for Roxanne; I have to hope her response is due more to her basset-ness and not my talking points. I also plan to bring some form of chocolate treat as I am not above bribery.

In mid-May I’ll be attending the Teen Book Festival in Rochester, New York. It’s a one-day festival and the audience is mainly teenagers, which I think is pretty awesome. I’ll be presenting in tandem with author Marissa Doyle, and we’ll be chatting about writing historical fiction. Even though I’m not writing historical fiction at the moment, it’s certainly a subject I love to talk about. I still hope I have another historical novel in me.

I’ll report back about my conferences, soon. Right now I think I need to take some very deep breaths and drink some tea. Speaking to a crowd stresses me out – but it can also be a great experience, as long as I don’t let the stress get in the way. Alas, it will be too warm this weekend for me to wear my red boots (sigh). The wingtips will have to do.

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