busy week. lots of revising.

It’s been forever since my last post! I had a busy week at my day job and then sat down every night with my draft for a good hour or two. The Teen Book Festival – more specifically, the super-accomplished authors and amazingly enthusiastic readers at TBF – has lit my industrious-writer fire. I just hope that I can keep the flame burning.

I’ve been revising my Nanowrimo book. The book still doesn’t have an ending. I have an idea of what the ending should be, but I just haven’t written it yet. I really have to get to it this week. The longer I let it sit without an ending, the more difficult it will be to write. And if it’s lousy, at least I’ll have something to work with instead of just a blank page.

I do want to share more TBF photos. Vivian Vande Velde posted some great photos on her site: http://www.vivianvandevelde.com/photos.cfm?selectedPhotoAlbum=204. I’ll post more soon. Must get back to revising.

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