the ingredients of a good (or bad) writing day

I’m at home on my writing time right now. Not vacation time – writing time. True, Sunday and Monday were largely spent watching television and eating cake, but that’s because Tom was home, too. Now I’m back to my revision. Yesterday felt bad. Today felt good. So I thought I would share my recipe for a good or a bad writing day.

Bad Writing Day
It’s not that yesterday wasn’t a productive day, it just wasn’t pleasant. It was a long day spent reading my current draft, revising, editing, and taking notes along the way. I really wanted to finish the reading yesterday, so I powered through. I’m glad that I managed to finish this stage of the revision, but I ended the day feeling frustrated.

Good Writing Day
After a few hours I took an actual break – not just standing in the kitchen and eating a snack. I took about an hour, then went back to work. I allowed myself to be slow and careful instead of feeling the need to rush through. This was easier, of course, because I was revising as opposed to reading a full draft. When I felt like stopping, I stopped.

I’m often frustrated with the slowness of my writing process. But thanks to this time off I can allow myself to slow down a bit instead of feeling the pressure to power through. Like that saying – “Never hurry, never rest.” I hope that I can stay focused.

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