writing day

I had a writing day with my friend Anna. What makes a successful writing day, you ask? Brainstorming, whining, writing. Oh, and cookies help, too. We started with the brainstorming, which lead me to a new idea, which lead me to then drastically revise the scene I had revised the day before. Then I realized that I had added a character to this scene that the main character hadn’t met yet. So that caused more revising, and some whining.

Anna and I discussed how writing a book is like assembling a puzzle. But the pieces are shapeless when you begin, so you have to cut them down to fit properly. And you’ll spend so much time trimming and filing a piece to make it fit only to realize that it doesn’t work in that spot. Then you need to remove it and reshape all the pieces around it to fit smoothly. It’s a great deal of work. It’s awfully nice to have company during the endeavor.

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  1. Thanks for having me over for another motivating writing day, Alisa! The cookies definitely helped. 🙂

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