surprise: medieval swordfighting!

My friend Kimberly has embarked on a worthwhile endeavor: a year of 52 adventures. To add a little extra spice, she’s signed up for some surprise adventures, courtesy of Surprise Industries. You sign up, pay a fee, and they set up an adventure for you – sending you clues and telling you when and where to be, what to wear, etc. Surprise! So I joined in this past Saturday and, lo and behold: medieval swordfighting!

I’m not usually much for surprises. Seriously. Adventures, maybe, but surprise adventures? Too risky. But I signed up anyhow, and a friend of mine who had figured out the surprise assured me that I would love it, once I got over the physical component (yeah, I’m pretty clumsy). And love it I did. We were given a lesson in medieval swordfighting at Gymnasium in West Newton, Mass. We learned a bunch of defensive moves with our “swords” (clunky wooden things) then did a sparring exercise with a gauntlet which was really fun. Then in a small group we learned techniques with a rapier – a sword a la Inigo Montoya from The Princess Bride – which was pretty awesome but quite difficult, as these swords were heavier and you had to hold them in one hand. These swords also made us look the most badass. It makes me want to write about a swordfighter.

A hearty thank you to Surprise Industries, Gymnasium, and Kimberly and her crazily endearing 52 Adventures project. We should all treat life like an adventure, to be enjoyed, shouldn’t we?

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  1. Wow, that sounds like the coolest thing ever! Now I totally want to try medieval swordfighting!

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