balancing or maybe just walking at a slant

As soon as I wrote that post about balancing writing with all other things in life, my work deadlines imploded and I’ve been crazily busy for the past two weeks. Plus, the people I work with are doing all kinds of exciting things – leaving for new adventures and whatnot (sad for me but still exciting) – so I’ve been baking lots of cookies. Apparently that’s what I do now. Last week: peanut butter kiss cookies. Last night: snickerdoodles. Yum.

So, you might ask, you managed to bake cookies…but have you made time to write? A little bit over the weekend, if I recall correctly (it seems so long ago). Not this week, sadly. And Laurie Halse Anderson has launched her Write Fifteen Minutes a Day challenge – – and I’m already behind! This weekend I’ll catch up. And enough with the cookies, already.

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  1. I wish I had time to make cookies! I’ve just started a part-time preschool teaching job where my 2 year-old son can be with me and my 5 year-old can go to camp for free, I make a little money to help my family, and I can still write (just barely). But clean the house or make cookies? No way! 🙂

    Thanks for your blog. As a fellow mg and YA writer, I’ve been enjoying it.

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