plotting…fun, right?

I’m all a-bubble with excitement about cozying up with my notes for my newest project and trying to create an outline…and perhaps a special playlist (Beck, Soul Coughing, Green Day, something along those lines). But I worry that all this fluttering excitement will dissipate when I sit and realize the work involved – the terrible, horrible work and that no-good, very bad feeling of “I just don’t know what’s supposed to happen next.” But that’s why the art of baking cookies was invented, correct? To save a writer from her computer, from herself?

I did a little searching online (because I’m obsessed) looking for plot/structure ideas. I’ve read interesting stuff about following the outline of a movie to get a classic, mythic structure – a great idea (though applying this to books does say something about our collective attention spans, doesn’t it?). I also found instructions for writing an outline which described the outline as “the easiest part of writing a novel.” I didn’t read any further.

Will keep you posted on the outline. And the cookies, if need arises.

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