borderland mansion, a rant on art

Yesterday: a walk through the woods at Borderlands, a park nearby. And as an extra treat, we got to visit the manor itself and peek into princess rooms with embroidered bedspreads (on tiny beds) and carved wooden chairs and a chandelier in one dining room that included a replica of the Santa Maria to hover upon an invisible current over the diner’s heads. I wonder what they ate.

There was also an art exhibit at the mansion, which made me hungry for more. I find art museums inspiring; it’s like being around good, creative mojo. Of course books inspire me, of course. And music not only inspires me but keeps me going, like this continual reminder of my own inspiration that can pull me forward when I already feel spent and disoriented in my own words. But art – especially at an art museum – is inspiring because I can imagine all of the time and effort involved in a single painting. And while I’m bowled over by one – good grief, here’s another even more detailed and amazing painting hanging on the wall right beside it! And on and on. Not to mention how a piece of art can move me with it’s sheer beauty and emotion – that’s a whole other part of the inspiration. But when I’m feeling lost and unfocused, looking at art is almost an admonishment against my own malaise: do you think Sargent sat around worrying and wasting time? Maybe he did, but he got around to painting, too.

That’s my rant for today. I’ll post more about my favorite artists in future posts. Have any of you heard of David Mach? I’m afraid the pictures don’t really do his work justice. Years ago on our honeymoon in Scotland, Tom and I stumbled upon his exhibit, which included this lovely lady diving into the museum via the ceiling. There were also amazing collages and a series of teddy bears wielding kitchen appliances. Genius.

In other news, check out this cool interview I did for a great historical blog!

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