how to revise (sort of)

This Sunday I’ll be attending an “Author Fest” at the Mass School Library Association Conference. I’ve never been, but I’m looking forward to chatting with librarians about my books, and meeting other authors.

Of course, a busy weekend means no time to work on my revision. This makes me feel a bit twitchy and restless – there is so much work to be done! At least I’ve begun the arduous process, which looks a bit like this:

* Read current draft. Take notes.
* Type up notes.
* Create an outline of the current draft. (This is where I am right now.)
* Add notes to the current outline. Rearrange and revise as needed.
* Rewrite the book, according to the updated outline.

I know this seems a crazy, control-freakish way of doing things, but it’s how I’ve operated thus far. I also find it useful to segment the entire book and think of the emotional arc that takes place in each segment – what the character learns, how she changes, etc. I’ll figure out what these segments are as I revise the outline. Which I haven’t started yet.

I suppose I ought to enjoy my weekend away from this book, seeing as we’ll be spending A LOT of time together when I return!

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