I met Spike

I’m back from New England Comic Con where today I met James Marsters – aka Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer! I am not great at meeting famous people (the more I like their work, the more of a bumbling moron I become). I didn’t need an autograph or a photo, I just wanted to give him a book postcard on which I had written a message. Luckily, Mr. Marsters was absolutely gracious and lovely and personable. We talked about books and I told him that he was my favorite on Buffy. I shook his hand and was about to walk away when he called me back to say that the reason why Buffy was such a great show is because of the writers. We talked about how genre fiction is so great because you can “tell the truth” through fantasy. Which is exactly why I love writing fiction. It’s so gratifying to meet someone you admire and find that they are genuine and interesting to talk to. Thank you, James!

It was a fantastically fun weekend overall – my sister joined me on Saturday and we saw Nicolas Brendon (Xander) do the “snoopy dance” (yay). Buffy has inspired me over the years, with it’s humor and darkness and parallels between Buffy‘s magical plight and the human condition. Meeting people I’ve adored on screen was, while potentially horribly embarrassing (since this afternoon I have worried I embarrassed myself without even realizing it), also really inspiring and invigorating. As was the Comic Con in general – so many artists (whom I’ll discuss in  a different post) and people dreaming big dreams and writing and drawing and acting them out. It’s fun to meet people knowing that you already have something in common; I bonded with the volunteers (one said “James Marsters said ‘Good Morning’ to me!”). I’m convinced that Buffy attracts good, creative people. Cheers to you all.

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  1. Spike was my favorite too! Jealous that you met him, but glad that he was so genuine and awesome!

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