artists at Comic Con

Another note about Comic Con, this time about the actual comics.

I loved our collection of comics as a kid (especially our anthology of the “The Superhero Women” by Stan Lee) but I haven’t read much lately. It was fun to browse the tables and see what a lot of artists are up to these days. I purchased two prints from young women comic artists: Celine Chapus and Annie Szabla. Celine draws a lot of angels, unicorns, and mermaids, so I was instantly intrigued (seriously, it’s like she’s inside of my head). And Annie’s style is really lush and fairy-tale-like. I hope to follow these two artists, with their distinctive styles.

Not to get high-horse-ish or anything, but I was pleased to purchase art from women artists, in – if this weekend was any indication – such a male-dominated field. Also, the portrayals of women have changed since I read comic books. Those Marvel women I admired were beautiful and, yes, dramatically curvaceous – but many of the comic women now are anatomically impossible. To be fair, the men are also impossibly muscled. I’m not knocking the artistic choice, I just find it interesting. From what I saw, the women drawn by women (and some men, too) were within the realm of un-surgically-altered reality; this was nice to see.

Also, in Comic Con news: in case you hadn’t heard, I met James Marsters. And he is super fantastic.

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