vampires are immortal, see?

I read a post on Book Chick City, responding to Stephen King’s thoughts on vampires: that they should be evil, soulless killers, not the soft, non-killing types we’ve got parading around book shelves these days, batting their long eyelashes at the lady folk instead of sucking their blood. King is contributing to a new comic series, American Vampire, in which there will be lots of blood and not much eyelash-batting. It actually sounds pretty awesome.

Still, while the overly romanticized vamps are a bit toothless for my taste, I agree with Miss Book Chick; a little variety in the undead keeps things interesting, yes? It just shows the longevity of this creature in the human imagination that it can be reinterpreted in so many ways. In 20 years some book or movie will come around and we’ll be gaga for vampires all over again. But I bet those vampires will look different–not the kind that we’re accustomed to from King or Anne Rice or Stephanie Meyer. It will be a new twist on an old story; the fact that the vampire legend can have so many twists is what makes it fascinating to me. That’s immortality, baby!

And since we’re on the subject, here’s a hilarious comic strip version of Dracula, which made me laugh out loud (warning: some four-letter words are used):

So, what’s your favorite type of vampire? Sensitive and sexy? Deadly and dangerous? I vote for a mix of both – a vampire bad boy, still potentially deadly and filled with centuries of dark secrets. Still scary, even if there is a little romance thrown in, too. What about you?

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  1. I’m with you on the mix of danger and romance. =)
    It keeps things interesting, while not taking away the violence and darkness that are kind of integral to the vampire myth.

  2. I also can’t believe I hadn’t seen that Hark! A Vagrant yet…

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