how to prepare for a revision

I’ve been feeling overwhelmed at the thought of re-reading and revising one of my works in progress. The good news is that I finally have some time off to work on this book, which is truly a blessing. The bad news: that means that instead of picking away consistently at the revision over the course of months, I’ll be attempting to crunch the entire revision into about two weeks. Not pretty.

You’ve all heard this story before: I get uber-excited about the stretch of time, then weeks later I’m disappointed with what I accomplished. Damaging to the fragile writer ego, I can tell you that much. So, how does one prepare for some hard core revisioning?

1. READ THE DARN BOOK. Before my break actually starts, ideally. Christmas week will likely be busy with family and friends, but I can still read, take notes, start my revision plan.

2. FIND MAGIC. Of the three projects I’ve had churning in my head all year, this one has been around the longest: it’s a YA contemporary fantasy that pulled me out of writer’s block and has already undergone major revisions. I haven’t looked at it since this summer when I shared it with my writing group. I really don’t know what I’ll find. This makes me nervous and anxious – but maybe it will be okay. This book has stuck around for a while. I just need to tap into the magic that made me want to write it, and rewrite it.

3. MUSIC & BOOKS. I need to get myself excited and motivated for this revision. Music is a great way to do that. (Listening the Bowie’s “Joe the Lion” at full volume, I feel like I can do pretty much anything.) Also, I’m reading other books right now to give my brain a break before forging into my own work.

4. WHEN IN DOUBT, BAKE COOKIES. A couple weeks from now I’ll be writing posts about focus and perserverence. But it’s still a holiday, right? I’ll need a break now and then.

And most of all, let’s try and have some fun with our writing, shall we? See here, a lesson in enthusiasm, courtesy of The Muppet Show:

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  1. You can do it!!

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